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ArticleName A study of the potential gold recovery from the ores of the Altyn-Zhylga deposit
DOI 10.17580/or.2022.04.02
ArticleAuthor Baykelova G. Sh., Atykenova E. E., Mayrykeev A. I.

Kyrgyz State University of Geology, Mining and Development of Natural Resources named after Academician U. Asanaliev (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic):

Baykelova G. Sh., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Atykenova E. E., Associate Professor, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences,


Central Laboratory of the Department of Geology and Subsoil Use under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ecology and Technical Supervision of the Kyrgyz Republic (Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic):

Mayrykeev A. I., Head of Group,


The study covers the Altyn-Zhylga gold deposit located in the Batken region of the Kyrgyz Republic. The purpose of this work is to study the potential gold recovery when using the traditional processing methods and to identify the need for further technological research. In terms of its main components, the ore of the deposit rates as sulfide gold- and silver-bearing ore, with copper as the associated valuable component. Its ore minerals are represented by chalcopyrite, bornite, covelline, arsenopyrite, and free gold. The main industrially valuable components are copper and gold, with silver and molybdenum regarded as potential associated products. The distribution of copper, gold, and silver by size classes is mainly proportional to the yields of each class. However, a slight increase in gold, copper, and silver in the classes below 0.25 mm was noted in the sample. The processing technology for this ore was developed using gravity concentration methods as these enable the removal of free, coarse gold and silver, their parts associated with sulfides, and associated copper minerals from the process, which ensures that the resulting processing tailings have stable metal grades. Gravity concentration (using a gravity concentration table or a Knelson centrifugal separator) yielded a copper concentrate containing gold and silver with the recoveries of 76.6 % for copper, 38.1 % for gold, and 14.4 % for silver. The copper, gold, and silver grades in the gravity tailings are high, therefore the tailings are not final. In order to reduce metal losses, these tailings require further processing using other methods.

keywords Altyn-Zhylga deposit, ore minerals, valuable components, gravity concentration methods, concentrate, recovery, tailings

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