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ArticleName Substantiation of parameters and efficiency of sandwich belt high angle conveyors for deep open pit mines
DOI 10.7580/em.2022.01.13
ArticleAuthor Sheshko E. E., Galkin V. I.

National University of Science and Technology—NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Sheshko E. E., Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Galkin V. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article focuses on substantiation of such parameters of heavy-duty sandwich belt high angle conveyors as the belt width to ensure operation without spillage of load, and the hugging pressure with regard to its dependence on the angle and length of the conveyor. It is noted that incorrect estimation of these parameters can lead to the redistribution of forces between the conveying and hugging belts with increasing load applied on the conveying belt. The economic efficiency of the high angle conveyors is considered in comparison to the traditional belt conveyors. It is shown that the cost of a traditional belt conveyor jumps with the increasing height of hoist. It is shown that the operating costs of the sandwich belt high angle conveyors increase almost linearly with an increase in the hoisting height and very slightly depend on the conveyor angle.

keywords Sandwich belt high angle conveyors, productivity, hugging pressure, belt width, spillage, installation angle, investment index

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Full content Substantiation of parameters and efficiency of sandwich belt high angle conveyors for deep open pit mines