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30 years of the Novotroitsk branch of NUST MISIS
Название Reengineering of the roller hardening machine of the sheet-rolling shop of JSC Ural Steel
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.05.04
Автор A. V. Nefedov, A. A. Kitanov, N. A. Chichenev
Информация об авторе

Novotroitsk Branch of NUST MISIS, Novotroitsk, Russia:

A. V. Nefedov, Cand. Ped., Associate Professor, Deputy Director on Teaching and Guiding, e-mail: cosnovotr@rambler.ru


Novotroitsk Branch of NUST MISIS, Novotroitsk, Russia1 ;JSC Ural Steel, Novotroitsk, Russia2:

A. A. Kitanov, Hydraulic Technician of the Sheet Rolling Shop1,2, e-mail: alexalex19-81@mail.ru


National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia
N. A. Chichenev, Dr. Eng., Professor, Dept. of Technological Equipment Engineering, e-mail: chich38@mail.ru


Abstract: In connection with the planned increase in the production of heat-treated rolled products of large thickness and bridge steel at JSC "Ural Steel", it became necessary to increase the productivity of thermal equipment. For this purpose, the roller hardening machine of the sheet rolling shop was re-engineered. Currently, the lifting and lowering of the lifting frame of the hardening machine is carried out by a spindle drive consisting of an electric motor, a bevel gearbox, spindle gears and cardan shafts. In the process of operation, the equipment of the electromechanical drive for lifting and lowering the pressure frame often fails due to the presence of a large number of rubbing elements, and significant labor costs are required to restore the working condition of the unit. To increase the reliability of the hardening machine, it is proposed to carry out its reengineering by replacing the electromechanical drive of lifting and lowering the pressure frame with a hydraulic drive. Replacing the electric drive with a hydraulic drive is advisable because the existing design already has hydraulic equipment, and at the same time a number of advantages are achieved: stepless regulation of the speed of the output link and ensuring small stable speeds; small size and weight; reversing the movement of the output link of the hydraulic transmission; high performance; Protection against overloads, due to the presence of safety valves, etc. The economic efficiency of design solutions is to reduce the cost of one ton of flat products due to a reduction in repair downtime (by 54 hours) and an increase in production (by 0.9%).

Ключевые слова Rolling production; roller hardening machine; electromechanical drive; hydraulic drive; hydraulic scheme
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