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Agglomeration and Production of Cast Iron
ArticleName Modernization of the gate drive of the coke breeze bin of the JSC Ural Steel`s blast furnace
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.03.03
ArticleAuthor O. V. Galochkin, A. V. Nefedov, O. N. Chicheneva

Novotroitsk Branch of National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Novotroitsk, Russia:

O. V. Galochkin, Student
A. V. Nefedov, Cand. Ped., Associate Professor


National University of Science and Technology MISIS, Moscow, Russia:
O. N. Chicheneva, Cand. Eng., Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer-Aided Engineering and Design, e-mail:


In the blast furnace shop of JSC «Ural Steel», the supply of material to conveyors for transportation to blast furnaces is directly regulated by valves located under the unloading bins in estrus. When using the existing equipment of coke grinding bins, a significant drawback in their operation is the frequent failure of individual units, due to the long service life and long service life. As a result, there is downtime of the device, as a rule, due to the low reliability of the operating electric drive. In order to reduce the time of equipment repairs that arise primarily due to the wear and tear of obsolete equipment, it is proposed to modernize the valve mechanism of the coke oven hopper, which consists in replacing the existing multi-element drive (electric motor, clutch and gearbox) with a coaxial gear motor, which is an appropriate solution for mechanisms operating in repeated-short-term mode. Additional capital expenditures required to upgrade the coke hopper valve mechanism include the purchase and installation of a geared motor, a gear clutch and the manufacture of a frame for a geared motor. The total capital costs for the purchase of equipment, spare parts, logistics and the cost of dismantling old equipment and installing new equipment does not exceed 120 thousand rubles. As a result of this modernization: the cost of production decreased by 0.228 rubles / ton; profit from sales increased by 0.022%; the payback period of this event is less than 3 months. The project is effective, quickly pays off and can be recommended for implementation not only at JSC «Ural Steel», but also at other metallurgical enterprises of the industry.

keywords Blast furnace production, blast furnace shop, coconut hopper, hopper shutter, electromechanical drive, geared motor

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