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Mineral processing
ArticleName Increasing the efficiency of iron ore raw materials beneficiation by separation in an increased magnetic field
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.01.04
ArticleAuthor A. E. Pelevin

Ural State Mining University (USMU), Ekaterinburg, Russia:

A. E. Pelevin, Dr. Eng., Professor of the Dept. of Mineral Processing, e-mail:


Application of the technology with the use of drum separators with increased magnetic field induction (0.3 T) in the initial operations of beneficiation schemes for magnetite and titanomagnetite ores is considered. The technology makes it possible to reduce losses of iron from beneficiation tailings and the iron content in them during dry and wet magnetic separation (DMS, WMS-1) and for the scheme as a whole. When beneficiating titanomagnetite ore, the concentrate yield increases (by 0.22–0.53%) and the extraction of iron into concentrate (by 0.77–1.68%). When beneficiating ferrous quartzites, the concentrate yield increases (by 0.91%) and the extraction of iron into concentrate (by 1.07%). Concentrate production operating costs are unchanged. The disadvantage of this technology is a slight decrease in the iron content in the concentrate, associated with an increase in the load on the mills of the first and second stages of grinding. Therefore, the technology with the use of separators with increased magnetic field induction in DMS and WMS-1 operations can be considered for concentration plants that have the ability to increase the productivity of mills to ensure a given content of the class – 0.071 mm in concentrate. Drum (pulley) separators with the top feeding of material and Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet systems, can be used in beneficiating schemes for weakly magnetic minerals, for example, ilmenite and some manganese-containing minerals. With dry magnetic beneficiation of ilmenite middlings with a content of 20.7% TiO2, a concentrate with a content of 48.28% TiO2 was obtained. Dry concentration of lowquality gravity manganese concentrate with 33.19% Mn resulted in a concentrate with 38.40% Mn.

keywords Drum magnetic separator, increased magnetic field induction, Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets, iron concentrate, iron content, concentrate yield, extraction of iron into concentrate

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