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ArticleName Geotechnical risks of above-standard losses in shallow mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.01.19
ArticleAuthor Dzhumanbaev V. V., Kurmanaliev K. Z., Mansurov V. A.

Global Asia Management, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

V. V. Dzhumanbaev, President of the Board


Vertex Gold Company, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan:
K. Z. Kurmanaliev, Mining Engineer–Geologist,
V. A. Mansurov, Geotechnical Advisor


The geotechnical risks and the operational loss risks in mining shallow subsurface zones of veins under conditions of extremely unstable rock mass are assessed as a case-study of the vein gold–quartz deposit of Dzhamgyr. The risk management and control are proposed. The method of surface exploration and access cutting is substantiated. The vein gold–quartz deposit Dzhamgyr occurs in the Pre-Cambrian granite block. Thin and continuous gold–quartz veins 0.1 to 1.5–2 m thick (on average to 0.8 m) are located inside the vein bodies in healed faults. In the field, the zones of the Riedel shears with pre-mineral and syn-mineralization faulting are identified. The vein zones enclosing pay sections develop as a spindle of veins which grow in number, length, density, branches and thickness toward ground surface. The mining system, which is the underhand cut-and-fill with cemented backfill, is described. The comparative economic performances with regard to the geotechnical risk and its reduction activities are presented. The advanced planning including the geotechnical risk management in shallow mining in instable rock mass areas, the use of the accessing, development and extraction technologies consistent with the existing geological situation, as well as the stoping under the manmade crowns ensure safe operating conditions and allow anticipating essential economic effect in terms of reduced losses of ore and precious metal.

keywords Geotechnical risks, manmade crown pillars, stopes, losses, economic effect

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