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ArticleName Introduction of AeroSet software application in mines of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.12.13
ArticleAuthor Kormshchikov D. S., Paleev D. Yu., Minin I. V.

Mining Institute, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia:

D. S. Kormshchikov, Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
D. Yu. Paleev, Leading Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Ural State Mining University, Yekaterinburg, Russia:
I. V. Minin, Researcher


In 2018 Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, Russia’s largest producer of copper, zinc, coal and precious metals, launched introduction of AeroSet software application at its business entities for the safety assessment in localization and elimination of accidents in mine ventilation modeling. AeroSet is a unit software application for modeling ventilation, air treatment and conditioning in underground mines. This article describes new approaches and tools implemented in AeroSet in 2019–2020. The novel functional of the software was developed in tight cooperation between the Ural Mining Institute and UMMC. The software has ways of exchanging data with Micromine program, and computation tools for blast impact zones and ventilation stability in fire in vertical and inclined underground openings. Today AeroSet possesses the total functional required for computation of accident elimination package, namely, fire development assessment, ventilation calculations, fire-protection water supply modeling, ventilation stability estimation in fire in vertical or inclined underground openings, and determination of blast impact zones. It is intended to improve application of AeroSet in UMMC’s mines towards the standardized calculation of the required air flow rates in mines and the associated optimization of the designs of underground openings, ventilation facilities and the whole ventilation network for the variety of alternate designs of mines, subways, tunnels and other structures, including industrial facilities of heightened danger.
The study was carried out in the framework of the Basic Research Program, Project No. 0422-2019-0145-C-01.

keywords Ventilation, mine, modeling, fire, blast, shock wave, AeroSet

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