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ArticleName Improvement of iron ore concentrate quality by gravity and magnetic separation at SSGPO JSC
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.10.10
ArticleAuthor Grinenko V. I., Opalev A. S., Maevsky P. V., Karpov I. V.

Sokolov–Sarbai Mining Production Association—SSGPO JSC, Rudny, Republic of Kazakhstan:

V. I. Grinenko, President, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

P. V. Maevsky, Director of Development Engineering


Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Apatity, Russia:

A. S. Opalev, Depu ty Director of Science, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
I. V. Karpov, Leading Production Engineer


The recent trends in the global iron ore industry are going to become the governing factors of technology and economy in iron ore concentration and metallurgy in the nearest future. As per the modern trends in iron ore concentration, and in line with the global market requirements, SSGPO JSC is to improve the iron ore concentrate quality up to the level of 67–68 % Fetotal. One of the ways of meeting the goal is introduction of stage-wise concentration using gravity and magnetic separation. The article presents the commercial test results of gravity and magnetic separator MGS-2.0 at the operating processing plant of SSGPO JSC. Efficiency of the separator is analyzed as function of the technology and equipment parameters. The proposed stage-wise marketable concentration can ensure improved product quality and reduce operating costs, which is beneficial for the production profitability. Adjustability of circulating load in milling cycle by varying the screen size and flexible setting of gravity and magnetic separation parameters ensures much better control as compared with PBM model separators, and enables production of an iron ore concentrate of the required quality. Introduction of the gravity and magnetic separation technology at SSPGO JSC is a promising way of stimulating complex magnetic ore concentration efficient scenarios of which have been the subject of discussion of scientists and practitioners in mining and processing for the last decades.

keywords Ferruginous quartzite, magnetite, concentrate, gravity and magnetic separation, selectivity, aggregates, stage-wise concentration, commercial introduction

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