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ArticleName Investigation of the structure and properties of eutectic alloys of the Al – Ca – Ni system containing REM
DOI 10.17580/nfm.2018.02.05
ArticleAuthor Naumova E. A., Akopyan T. K., Letyagin N. V., Vasina M. A.

1National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia ; 2Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”, Moscow, Russia:

E. A. Naumova, Associate Professor1, 2, e-mail:


1National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia ; 3A. A. Baikov Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federal State Budgetary Science Institution, Moscow, Russia:
T. K. Akopyan, Researcher1, 3


National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia:
N. V. Letyagin, Graduate Student
M. A. Vasina, Master Student


This study investigated the eutectic alloys based on aluminum containing small amount of rare earth metals (REM): Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2Ce; Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2La; Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2Pr. The compositions of the alloys were selected on the basis of previous studies of ternary Al – Ca – Ni and Al – Ni – Ce systems, taking into account the similarity of the structure of the Al – REM binary systems. Melting was carried out in an induction furnace by RELTEC. Alloys were prepared on the basis of aluminum A99. Annealing of the samples at 550 оC for three hours was carried out in SNOL 8.2/1100 and SNOL 58/350 muffle electric furnaces. Calculation of Al – Ca – Ni – Ce systems at 6% Ca by means of Thermo-Calc (databases TTAL5, TCAL4), showed that primary crystals of the Al3Ni phase should be formed in the alloys of the selected compositions, however these crystals were not present. Using optical and scanning electron microscopy, the structure of alloys in the as-cast and heat-treated states was studied. It is established that in the process of non-equilibrium crystallization, the boundary of the phase region of existence of the aluminum solid solution significantly expands. Using micro-X-ray spectral analysis (MRSA), it was determined that during the equilibrium crystallization conditions in the Al – Ca – Ni – Ce system, rather than the binary Al3Ni the ternary Al9Ni2Ca phase is formed. The possibility of applying hot rolling to Al – Ca – Ni based alloys additionally alloyed with Ce, La and Pr has been established, and the mechanical properties of hot-rolled samples have been obtained. Hot rolling was carried out at 500 oC. Rolling was carried out in five passes, the total degree of deformation in all cases was about 70%. Samples of the Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2Ce alloy were additionally rolled at a temperature of 550 oC. On the basis of a comparison of the mechanical properties and the microstructure of rolled products, it is assumed that the best mechanical properties are possessed by the samples of those alloys in which intermetallics have the smallest dimensions and are most evenly distributed in an aluminum solid solution. In particular, this demonstrates the Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2La alloy rolled at 500 oC and the Al – 6Ca – 3Ni – 2Ce alloy rolled at 550 oC.

This work was supported by Task No. 11.2072.2017/4.6 for the implementation of the project on the theme of “Development of technology for obtaining deformed semi-finished products from alumomatrix eutectic composites reinforced with L12 nanoparticles without hardening”.

keywords Eutectic alloys, rare earth metals, ternary Al9Ni2Ca phase, intermetallics, microstructure, hot rolling, mechanical properties

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Full content Investigation of the structure and properties of eutectic alloys of the Al – Ca – Ni system containing REM