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ArticleName The Earth’s structure model according to the results of the geospheres’ matter energy parameters estimation
ArticleAuthor Zuev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering CJSC (Russia):

Zuev V. V., Leading Researcher, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy,


The paper considers the Earth’s geospheres’ structure model, attempting at establishing a relationship between certain physical properties of the planet’s mineral matter and energetic of interatomic chemical bonds. As the geospheres’ matter energy parameters, the author proposes and uses specific atomization energies and the specific energies of atom kernels and binding electrons. As the result, the author succeeded to explain the regular increase in the geospheres’ matter density, hardness and melting temperature from the Earth’s surface to center, where energy-richest substances with extreme physical properties are concentrated, including also hardness that exceeds that of diamond. The conceptualization of the Earth’s deeper zones substances (the Earth's mantle and core) being accumulators of the maximum energy of chemical bonds (in comparison with known minerals) is formulated for the first time. A question is posed with respect to identification of energy geochemistry as a branch of modern geochemistry.

keywords The Earth’s structure model; relationship between the geospheres’ matter energy parameters and properties; the geospheres’ matter density, hardness and melting temperature; energy geochemistry

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