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Название The special features of the Oleniy Ruchey deposit apatite-nepheline ores mineral composition and their effect upon metallurgical results
Автор Gershenkop А. Sh., Mukhina Т. N., Artemyev А. V.
Информация об авторе

Mining Institute of the Kola Science Centre of RAS (Russia):

Gershenkop А. Sh., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, alex@goi.kolasc.net.ru

Mukhina Т. N., Head of Sector, Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, muhina@goi.kolasc.net.ru

Artemyev А. V., Junior Researcher


By the example of apatite-nepheline ores with low apatite content, effect of calcium ions upon flotation results is demonstrated. With calcium ions concentration up to 20 mg/l in flotation feed liquid phase, rougher flotation concentrates grade decreases due to activation of dark-colored minerals, resulting in concentrates yield increase. If the above mentioned calcium ions concentration is exceeded, collector binding takes place, and, as a result, concentrates yield decreases while concentrates grade increases. 10 technological samples from currently mined ores at the Oleniy Ruchey deposit were used for dressability studies with various P2O5 content (from 9 to 18 %). The metallurgical results are determined on the basis of calcium-containing minerals and apatite contents ratio, i.e., floatability of minerals, comprising apatite-nepheline ores, depends upon СаО content in the ore minerals. If this ratio exceeds 0.7, reagents regime needs to be corrected and liquid glass consumption is increased. A possible method of return water conditioning is shown, providing for calcium ions concentration decrease to an acceptable level through their transformation into low-solubility compounds.Based on the results of the conducted studies, the conclusion is drawn that the Oleniy Ruchey deposit ore is more complex in mineral composition, if compared with ores from other deposits in the Khibini Mountains. A high content of sphene is noted in the ore, and its pyroxenes are represented by aegirine-augite, which requires appropriate ore-preparation and increased consumption of liquid glass.

Ключевые слова Apatite-nepheline ores, the Oleniy Ruchey deposit, return water, flotation, water conditioning, calcium-containing minerals, aegirine-augite, apatite, concentrate
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