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ArticleName A combination sampling method for processing products and equipment for its implementation
DOI 10.17580/or.2014.03.05
ArticleAuthor Kozin V. Z., Komlev A. S.

Ural State Mining University (Russia):

Kozin V. Z., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

Komlev A. S., Engineer, Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences,


Two sampling methods applied on flows are known: a transversal and a longitudinal section method. Both methods are characterized by comparable disadvantages. The longitudinal section method is associated with possible systematic error, and the transversal section method — with probable systematic error. The article describes a combination sampling method applied on flows, which is distinguished by selection of a large number of point samples and simultaneous sample splitting. It is shown that this method provides for lowest magnitudes of the above errros. The method is applicable for sampling stationary masses of mined materials. Equipment for implementation of the combination sampling method has been developed, presently is produced and has been installed at twenty ore-dressing facilities in Russia. The equipment in question comprises samplers for bulk products and slurries, as well as sample splitting/reduction stations. It is noted, that over a prolonged period of the combination sampling equipment operation, product imbalance is reduced by the factor of 1.5–2. The developed equipment is distinguished by simplicity and reliability of operation.

keywords Sampling, samplers, sample divider, sampling stations

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