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ArticleName Ecological safety of uranium production in Ukraine
ArticleAuthor Lyashenko V. I.

Ukrainian Research & Development Institute for Industrial Technology (Zheltye Vody, Ukraine):

Lyashenko V. I., Head of Department, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, e-mail:


The atomic industry facilities exert redioecological impact on the environment and people. The article reviews managerial, special technologic and engineering arrangements aimed at mitigation of the deteriorative impact. The assessment of influence exerted by pollution on human health is carried out with taking into account delayed effect, and the systems of ecological and medical monitoring, including radiation, have been elaborated and introduced. It is found that excess over standard level of equivalent equilibrium volumetric activity of radon by 50 Bq/m3 in some premises results from radon emanation from basements and from input channel of heating and water-supply network and inner channels of distribution of heating network. Burying of heating network channel outside of buildings under 1-m thick layer of clay and its compaction, hermetic sealing of the input of the heating and water supply networks in the basements and concreting of the areaway allow 5–6 times reduction of volumetric radon activity. Radiation monitoring of uranium objects enables controlling influence of mining and metallurgical works and tailing dumps on regional natural environment. The radiation control system includes 4 monitoring points at the rivers Zheltaya and Zelenaya and observation holes drilled in the area of the mining and metallurgical works, which allow adjusting the area of pollution of underground water and the extent area of aquifers.

keywords Uranium production, radioecology, environmental actions, government program, radiation and social protection of population
Language of full-text russian
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