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In 1907, Alexander F. Kots, the young lecturer of the chair of evolution of the Moscow High Women's Courses, has decided to establish the natural History museum, where everybody can examine the collections to get knowledges about the world by himself and to make conclusions about the processes occurring in nature. Darwin museum has been planned by A. Kots as museum for all kinds of visitors, however, it became such museum only since 1994 when it got its own present building at Vavilova street.


Darwin museum has always accumulated collections illustrating natural processes - paleontological, zoological, biological, bothanic, entomological etc. Rare books collected in the museum can tell about scientific visions of nature development in the XVI-XIX centuries, while animalistic collections display how artists and painters have expressed their relation to the environment.


Owing to so large diversity, Darwin museum is today the only in Russia having 5,000 sq. m exposition that illustrates the processes on the Earth during past times. It's completely interesting for children as well as for adults. It displays that ancient people had good knowledges in stones and chose for tools the correct minerals, having tough structure and sharp fracture.

The Earth bowels collected a lot of mysteries, so geologists and miners working at large depths sometimes meet reminders of animals and plants, presented now in museums. To speak truthly, many rocks are just stoned plants and animals after changes during millions of years. There are several museums in the world that are locating in old mines and pits with walls being the exhibits themselves.

Welcome to the Darwin museum for new impressions! Additional information can be found at www.Darwin.museum.ru

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Название The theme «Biological diversity» in the exposition of Darwin Museum
Автор Gvozdeva O. A.
Название «Evolution of the life on the Earth» in the exposition of the State Daewin Museum
Авторы Ionkina V. S., Shapovalov A. V.
Название Petrified life and reviviscent stone in the exhibitions at the State Darwin Museum
Автор Zubareva O. A.
Название Stone and metallic working and hunting tools of primitive people. Technologies of manufacture and usage
Автор Miloserdov D. Yu.
Название Animalistic art of the Paleolithic age
Автор Shapovalov A. V.
Название Alchemistry and its role in evolution of nature cognition by a human being during Middle Ages and New Times
Автор Aleksandrova A. A.
Название Powder-flasks from the collections of the state Darwin Museum
Автор Miloserdov D. Yu.
Название Rare geological books in the collections of the state Darwin Museum
Автор Vanshina O. P.
Название The Charles Darwin's evolution theory and its reflection in the collection of paintings of the State Darwin Museum
Автор Nefedova A. B.
Название Charles Darwin, his predecessors and followers
Автор Rubtsov A. S.
Название Charles Darwin in geographic names
Автор Alyakrinsky A. R.
Название Charles Darwin in philately
Автор Alyakrinsky A. R.
Название Flying jewels. Collection of hummingbirds in the State Darwin Museum
Автор Fadeev I. V.
Название Education of grounds of ecological calture in the Darwin Museum
Автор Shubina Yu. V.
Название Mined-out peateries in the Moscow region: the problems of remediation and usage
Авторы Kontorshchikov V. V., Grinchenko O. S.
Название The largest foreign naturalistic museums.
Автор Simakov N. Yu.
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