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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Nano-Structured Metals and Materials: Urgency of Problems and Availability of Investigations
ArticleAuthors I. N. Beloglazov, A. G. Syrkov
ArticleName Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies in The Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
ArticleAuthors Yu. S. Karabasov, A. A. Aksenov, M. V. Astakhov
ArticleName Experience of Investigation of Natural Scientific Grounds of Nanotechnology in The Physics Program of The Technical University
ArticleAuthors E. I. Boguslavsky, V. G. Korsakov, A. G. Syrkov
ArticleName Methods of Physics and Chemistry in Obtaining Nanostructured Metals and in Nanotribology
ArticleAuthor A. G. Syrkov
ArticleName Clusters in Nanochemistry and Nanometallurgy (Analytical Review)
ArticleAuthor M. A. Meretukov
ArticleName Self-Organization upon The Formation of Oxides on Thin Tin Films
ArticleAuthors A. M. Khoviv, V. A. Logacheva, E. V. Kasatkina
ArticleName Interrelation of Insulating and Antifriction Properties of Iogenic Sam on Metal Surface
ArticleAuthors A. V. Fedotov, A. G. Syrkov, I. V. Pleskunov
ArticleName Interlayer Polarization of Ionic Dielectrics at Anodic Bonding Process with a Conductor Surface
ArticleAuthor N. S. Pschelko
ArticleName Crystalline Structure's Defectiveness
ArticleAuthors G. I. Dement'eva, I. N. Beloglazov, S. N. Saltykova
ArticleName New Synthesis Methods of Nanostructural Refractory Titanium-Based Compounds
ArticleAuthors S. V. Alexandrovsky, Dong Von Lee
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2006 →  #4