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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Crushing and Comminution of Ore and Non-Ore Materials in Centrifugal-Percussion Crushers and Mills
ArticleAuthors A. V. Lisitsa, E. E. Andreev, O. N. Tikhonov
ArticleName Floating-Extracting Technology for Processing of Nickel-Containing Water at The “Severonikel” Integrated Works
ArticleAuthors P. N. Devyatkin, N. N. Voronin
ArticleName Development of Theory and Practice of Application of The Process of Foam Flotation Extraction for Metal Extraction out of Solutions
ArticleAuthors P. N. Devyatkin, +I. A. Dibrov, N. N. Voronin
ArticleName Heat Generation and Heat Transfer in Autogenous Metallurgical Units of Different Type
ArticleAuthors L. M. Shalygin, G. V. Konovalov
ArticleName At The Forefront of Filtration Technologies
ArticleAuthors I. N. Beloglazov, V. O. Golubev
ArticleName Semi-Industrial Tests of Power-Saving Technology for Processing of Iron-Manganese Concretions
ArticleAuthors N. M. Telyakov, G. F. Rezvanov, M. V. Klement’ev, L. M. Shalygin, A. A. Darin
ArticleName Mechanism of Chemical Dissolution of Nephelinic Sludge Via Carbonization
ArticleAuthors V. M. Sizyakov, V. N. Brichkin
ArticleName Technological Factors of Carconization of Aluminate Solutions
ArticleAuthors V. N. Brichkin, V. M. Sizyakov, A. V. Tsybizov
ArticleName Thermodynamics of Heterogeneous Processes in Hydrometallurgy and Ecology
ArticleAuthors D. E. Chirkst, T. E. Litvinova, O. V. Cheremisina
ArticleName Yttrium Extraction From Sulfate Solutions By Trialkylbenzyl Ammonium Sulfate
ArticleAuthors +I. A. Dibrov, D. E Chirkst, T. E. Litvinova
ArticleName Up-to-Date Problems of The Development of Computer-Based Systems for Control of Technological Processes in Non-Ferrous Metallurgy
ArticleAuthors A. S. Anashkin, E. D. Kadyrov
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2006 →  #2