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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Experience of Application of Cellular Lining for Ball Pulverizer Mills in Conditions of Zapolyarny Affiliate of Mining-And-Metallurgical Integrated Works “Norilsk Nickel”
ArticleAuthors Malyarov P. V., Stepurin V. F., Baskaev P. M., Tsallagov V. U., Ismagilov R. I.

Malyarov P. V., general director, telephone number: 8-962-401-21-74; Stepurin V. F., senior research assistant of the OOO «Resurs»; Baskaev P. M., director of POOF; Tsallagov V. U., deputy supervisor of repair management; Ismagilov R. I., chief of engineering department of POOF ZF GMK «Norilsk Nickel». The work has been done in participation of Ivanov V. A., main dresser of OAO GMK «Norilsk Nickel».

ArticleName Perspective of Application of Cyclic Alkylene-Trithiocarbonates in Flotation of Pt–Cu–Ni Ores
ArticleAuthors Matveeva T. N., Ivanova T. A., Gromova N. K.

Matveeva T. N., head of laboatory, e-mail:; Ivanova T. A., senior researcher; Gromova N. K., researcher, Institute for problems of integrated mineral wealth development, Russian Academy of sciences

ArticleName Processing of Oxidized Nickel-Cobalt Ore by Continuous Solid-Phase Sulfating
ArticleAuthors Sinegribov V. A., Kol'tsov V. Yu., Kalashnikov V. A., Mel'nik D. V., Batshev V. I.

V. A. Sinegribov, lead scientific worker; V. Yu. Kol'tsov, lead scientific worker; V. A. Kalashnikov, principal engineer; V. Mel'nik, general director; V. Yu. Batshev, deputy general director: OOO “Geowest”, e-mail:

ArticleName Development of Vanyukov Process for Processing of Oxidized Nickel Ores of South-Ural Nickel Integrated Works
ArticleAuthors Fedorov A. N., Komkov A. A., Bruek V. N., Gnuskov N. A., Kryzhanovsky A. P.

Fedorov A.N. is a laboratory manager, assistant professor; Komkov A. A. is a chief scientific worker;; Bruek V. N. is an assistant professor; chair of metallurgy of nonferrous, rare and noble metals of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISiS); Gnuskov N. A. is a deputy chief of the smelter shop; Kryzhanovsky A. P. is a deputy engineering manager of the SouthUral Nickel Integrated Works.

The work was conducted under supervision of Bystrov V. P. (MISiS), Golovlev Yu. I. (YuUNK)

ArticleName Cobalt and Nickel Extraction from Leaching Solutions of Oxidized Nickel Ores
ArticleAuthors Fleytlikh I. Yu., Pashkov G. L., Grigor'yeva N. A., Nikiforova L. K.

I. Yu. Fleytlikh, lead scientific worker, G. L. Pashkov, director, telephone: 8-(3912)-273-831; N. A. Grigor’yeva, scientific worker; L. K. Nikifirova, lead technologist; Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology CO RAS, Krasnoyarsk.

ArticleName Electrothermy in Production of Aluminum and Aluminum-Silicon Alloys
ArticleAuthors Baymakov A. Yu., Glazatov A. N., Rusakov M. R., Saltykov A. M.

A. Yu. Baymakov, senior scientific worker of SPbGPU; A. N. Glazatov, senior scientific worker of a pyrometallurgy laboratory, tel. (812) 335-31-40; M. R. Rusakov, lead scientific worker of OOO “Institute Gipronickel”; A. M. Saltskov, senior engineer of OOO RUSAL–VAMI, e-mail:

ArticleName On Possibility of Forming Metal-Phase Granules During Process of Titanomagnetite Concentration Reduction
ArticleAuthors Serba V. I., Freydin B. M., Mayorov L. A., Kolesnikova I. G., Kuzmich Yu. V.

V. I. Serba is a researcher; B. M. Freydin is a senior researcher, e-mail:; L. A. Mayorov is a postgraduate; I. G. Kolesnikova is a senior researcher; Yu. V. Kuzmich is a senior researcher, RAS IHTREMS KNS, city of Apatity.

ArticleName Ways of Used Catalyst Processing
ArticleAuthors Medvedev A. S., Malochkina N. V., Balgaeva F. Sh.

A. S. Medvedev, professor, e-mail:; N. V. Malochkina, postgraduate; F. Sh. Balgaeva, doctoral candidate, chair of rare metals and powder metallurgy of MISiS.

ArticleName Influence of Oxygen on Production of Nanosized Powders of Tungsten and Molybdenum-Containing Materials
ArticleAuthors Voldman G. M., Ermilov A. G., Rakova N. N.

G. M. Voldman is a professor of the department of chemistry and technology of nanometer and composite materials of M. V. Lomonosov MITKHT; A. G. Ermilov, senior scientific worker; telephone: 230-46-24; N. N. Rakova is a professor of the department of nonferrous, rare and noble metals of MISiS.

ArticleName Investigation and Classification of Defects in Dies Made from Tungsten Hard Alloys
ArticleAuthors Mikirova Z. A., Sachava D. G., Lazebnikova I. P.

Z. A. Mikirova, deputy manager of central plant laboratory of Hardware Production; D. G. Sachava, head of laboratory of Powder Metallurgy and Dies; I. P. Lazebnikova, engineer of laboratory of Powder metallurgy and dies of republican unitary enterprise “Belorus sian metallurgical works”,

ArticleName Development of the Technique for Determination of Gas Porosity in Shape Castings Made of AK12 Alloy
ArticleAuthors Kleymenov Yu. A., Okladnikova N. V., Prikhodko E. N., Biront V. S., Pereboyeva A. A.

Yu. A. Kleymenov, deputy director general; N. V. Okladnikova, leading engineer-metallographer, e-mail:; E. N. Prihodko, leading engineer-metrologist, OOO “LMZ SKAD”; V. S. Biront, head of department; A. A. Pereboeva, assistant professor, Department of adaptive metallurgy and metal heat treatment, siberian federal university, institute of nonferrous metals and gold. T. A. Orelkina, O. V. Timofeeva took part in the work.

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