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Obogashchenie Rud

ArticleName The ХХIV International Mineral Processing Congress (Beijing, China, September 24–28, 2008)
ArticleAuthors Maksimov I. I., Bogdanovich А. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Maksimov I. I., Bogdanovich А. V.;
ArticleName Estimation of feed size effect in designing and modeling of autogenous and semi-autogenous grinding mills
ArticleAuthors Andreev Ye. Ye., Dokukin V. P., Nikolaeva N. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Andreev Ye. Ye., Dokukin V. P., Nikolaeva N. V.;
ArticleName Development of copper-zinc ore processing technology with a view to provide for high-grade copper concentrate production
ArticleAuthors Asonchik K. М., Ryaboy V. I., Polkin V. N., Trubechkova N. S., Aksyonova G. Ya.
ArticleAuthorsData Asonchik K. М.,; Ryaboy V. I.,
ArticleName Nickel flotation circuit flow-sheet and regime improvement in processing high-grade Talnakh and the Oktyabrsky mine cupriferous ores blend with a view to increase nickel concentrate grade
ArticleAuthors Koltunova Т. Ye., Urnysheva S. А., Aksyonova G. Ya.
ArticleAuthorsData Koltunova Т. Ye., Urnysheva S. А., Aksyonova G. Ya.;
ArticleName A study of oxidized copper products electrochemical sulfidizing process
ArticleAuthor Naguman P. N.
ArticleAuthorData Naguman P. N.,
ArticleName Zinc flotation process improvement with application of pulp thermal conditioning
ArticleAuthors Panshin А. М., Yevdokimov S. I.
ArticleAuthorsData Yevdokimov S. I.,
ArticleName New collectors for sulfide ores flotation
ArticleAuthors Chekanova L. G., Radushev А. V., Baigacheva Ye. V., Chernova G. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Chekanova L. G.,
ArticleName Approximation of spherical particles coefficient of hydrodynamic resistance with regard to their movement as a function their Reynolds parameter for restricted movement
ArticleAuthors Shekhirev D. V., Turobova О. N.
ArticleAuthorsData Shekhirev D. V.,
ArticleName Laboratory separators-analyzers for dry magnetic separation
ArticleAuthors Kilin V. I., Kilin S. V.
ArticleAuthorsData Kilin V. I.,
ArticleName Large industrial facilities water-supply and sewerage systems corrosion protection with application of cathodic protection technology
ArticleAuthors Khoffman А., Yankovsky E., Rozvadovsky Ya., Sokulsky V., Shukalsky Ya.
ArticleAuthorsData Khoffman А.,; Sokulsky V.,
ArticleName 75th birthday of N. N. Teterina
ArticleName 80th birthday of I. I. Blekhman
Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2009 →  #1