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Obogashchenie Rud

ArticleName Specialties of processing minerals with high non-uniformity of valuable components distribution (by the example of platinum ores)
ArticleAuthors Bogdanovich А. V., Petrov S. V., Nazimova Yu. V., Vasilyev А. М., Urnysheva S. А.
ArticleName Copper sulfide ores flotation with hexyl xanthate produced by «Hoechst»
ArticleAuthors Otrozhdyonnova L. А., Ryaboy V. I., Kuchayev V. А., Malinovskaya N. D.
ArticleName Gas bubble movement in oscillating liquid
ArticleAuthors Blekhman I. I., Vasilkov V. B., Sorokin V. S.
ArticleName Rare-earth permanent magnets unipolar systems magnetic field mechanical forces study
ArticleAuthors Kilin V. I., Kilin S. V.
ArticleName Estimation of reagents-collectors flotation activity
ArticleAuthor Kondratyev S. А.
ArticleName Computer modeling of sulfhydric collectors' and their derivatives' structure
ArticleAuthors Solozhenkin P. М., Solozhenkin О. I.
ArticleName Two-rate separating mass transfer in flotation cells working zones with different combinations of agitation degrees and separated particles flow directions
ArticleAuthor Shekhirev D. V.
ArticleName Actual efficiency of pumping units
ArticleAuthors Ventskel А. V., Kibirev V. I., Aleksandrov V. I.
ArticleName Small size-fractions crushed stone production technology with application of KID inertia crushers
ArticleAuthor Dalatkazin А. А.
ArticleName Cooperation between the «Mekhanobr» Institute and the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University in the field of ore processing tailings disposal
ArticleAuthors Kibirev V. I., +Trunkov G. Т.
ArticleName 60th birthday of I. N. Beloglazov
ArticleName 80th birthday of P. M. Solozhenkin
ArticleName 50th birthday of D. V. Shekhirev
ArticleName Third International Simposium «Mineral Resources and Mine Development»
ArticleName VIII Conference «East—West» — «New technologies in the mining industry»
ArticleName Enrichment of NF, rare and precious metals ores Department of National University of Science and Technology «MISIS»
Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2010 →  #4