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Obogashchenie Rud


The articles presented in the first issue of the journal thematically cover all stages of the beneficiation cycle of processing natural raw materials and intermediate products.


In the «Ore preparation» section, you can get acquainted with the results of research by Russian and German scientists, which substantiate the feasibility of using high-pressure grinding rolls in combination with pneumatic classification, which makes it possible to exclude subsequent ball grinding in factories.


The article by Russian and Vietnamese specialists is devoted to the study of quartz-sericite ores of the Ha Tinh deposit. The research carried out made it possible to develop a technology for their beneficiation to obtain a concentrate, the quality of which meets the standards of raw materials for a number of industries.


Depending on the beneficiation schemes and the mineral composition of the ore, the mass fraction of arsenic in the copper concentrates of Uchalinsky GOK can reach 2 %, which significantly reduces their quality. The publication of the section «Вeneficiation processes» presents the process of sulfide-alkaline leaching of flotation copper concentrate, the use of which ensures a high degree of purification from arsenic and compliance of the final product with the requirements of further pyrometallurgical conversion.


Once again, the section «Technological mineralogy» became the most representative in the issue. Its articles propose methods for predicting ore dressability at the early stages of geological exploration. In the work on the study of the composition and properties of serpentinites of the Karmaninsky deposit (Uzbekistan), the possibility of their use not only in its original form, but also as a raw material for the production of magnesium chlorate, used as a defoliant for pre-harvest removal of cotton leaves, is shown.


Thickening and filtration of tailings of concentrating plants are of particular importance in terms of ensuring the environmental safety of production. In the publication on the study of the sedimentation of tailings of the beneficiation of gold-bearing ores from the Yuzhno-Nevyanskoe and Panovskoe deposits, the developed technological modes of the thickening process are presented.


The issue ends with an article devoted to the justification of the use of nonlinear elastic elements as a suspension of the working bodies of vibratory machines with unbalanced vibration exciters. After all, these are the fundamental structural elements of such machines, on which their technological and operational qualities depend.


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ArticleName Advantages of selective grinding using high-pressure grinding rolls combined with air classification
ArticleAuthors Heinicke F., Lieberwirth H., Kühnel R., Alexandrova T. N.

Köppern Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Freiberg, Germany):

Heinicke F., Senior Technologist, PhD in Engineering Sciences,


Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg (Freiberg, Germany):

Lieberwirth H., Director of Institute for Mineral Processing
Machines, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

Kühnel R., Researcher


Saint-Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Aleksandrova Т. N., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

ArticleName A study on the possibility of processing quartz-sericite ore of the Ha Tinh deposit in Vietnam
ArticleAuthors Yushina T. I., Nguyen Van Trong, Dumov A. M., Nguyen Thu Thuy

National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» (Moscow, Russia):

Yushina T. I., Head of Chair, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,
Nguyen Van Trong, Trainee,
Dumov A. M., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Nguyen Thu Thuy, Trainee,

ArticleName Sulfide leaching of high-grade arsenic copper concentrates
ArticleAuthors Boduen A. Ya., Petrov G. V., Kobylyansky A. A., Bulaev A. G.

Saint Petersburg Mining University (Saint Petersburg, Russia):

Boduen A. Ya., Deputy Head of Chair, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,
Petrov G. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
Kobylyansky A. A., Postgraduate Student


S. N. Vinogradsky Institute of Microbiology, FRC of Biotechnology of the RAS (Moscow, Russia):
Bulaev A. G., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Chief Researcher

ArticleName A study of the influence of process parameters on the processing of gold-bearing raw materials in a centrifugal jigging machine
ArticleAuthors Luchko M. S., Fedotov P. K.

JSC «Irgiredmet» (Irkutsk, Russia):

Luchko M. S., Leading Engineer,


Irkutsk National Research Technical University (Irkutsk, Russia):
Fedotov P. K., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Methodology for predicting the washability of apatite ores (Kirovsky mine, Kola Peninsula)
ArticleAuthors Zakharova A. A., Voytekhovsky Yu. L.

St. Petersburg Mining University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia):

Zakharova A. A., Postgraduate Student,
Voytekhovsky Yu. L., Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor,

ArticleName Types of ores of gold-silver deposits of volcano-plutonic complexes in folded belts and methodological aspects of their isolation
ArticleAuthors Podolyan E. I., Kotova I. K., Shelukhina Yu. S., Borozdin A. P.

LLC «LIMS» (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Podolyan E. I., First Category Geologist, Master of Geology,
Shelukhina Yu. S., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Geological & Mineralogical Sciences,
Borozdin A. P., General Director, Master of Geology,

St. Petersburg University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Kotova I. K., Associate Professor, Candidate of Geological & Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor,

ArticleName Scientific and technological principles of the complex use of serpentinite of the Karmaninskoe deposit
ArticleAuthors Umirov F. E., Shodikulov Zh. M.

Navoi State Mining Institute (Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan):

Umirov F. E., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Shodikulov Zh. M., Doctoral Student,

ArticleName A study of the thickening process for fine tailings of gold-bearing ores
ArticleAuthors Dmitrieva E. G., Gazaleeva G. I., Musaev V. V., Klyushnikov A. M.

JSC «Uralmekhanobr» (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
Dmitrieva E. G., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Gazaleeva G. I., Head of Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Musaev V. V., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Klyushnikov A. M., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Dynamics of a resonant vibrator with an equal-frequency suspension of the working body and an unbalanced vibration exciter
ArticleAuthors Altshul G. M., Guskov A. M., Panovko G. Ya.

Mechanical Engineering Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia):

Altshul G. M., Junior Researcher
Gouskov A. M., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor

Panovko G. Ya., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2022 →  #1