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This special issue tells about the history of Yamal and the national originality and development of culture and life of its indigenous people. This issue also describes the unique artifacts, which changed the conception about the whole epoch age of Yamal land. These artifacts are stored in the funds of Yamalo-Nenets Regional Museum Complex of I. S. Shemanovsky.


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Yamal is the northern gem of Russia
ArticleName Yamal begins with the museum
ArticleAuthor Mirakova N. Yu.
ArticleName The bear, standing on four legs
ArticleAuthor Sazonova L. P.
ArticleName Toponymy of the Polar Urals
ArticleAuthor Eremeeva L. V.
ArticleName The mysteries of permafrost
ArticleAuthor Karzanova G. A.
History of study and exploration of the territory
ArticleName Description of the polar expeditions in the “Chronological survey” made by I. S. Shemanovsky
ArticleAuthor Koptseva T. V.
ArticleName The time of discoveries
ArticleAuthor Petrishcheva I. A.
ArticleName The history of development of the Polar Urals
ArticleAuthor Eremeeva L. V.
ArticleName The unique occurrence of minerals as the most important natural element of scientific and cultural heritage
ArticleAuthors Silaev V. I., Ivanovsky V. S.
ArticleName A flashback (about the construction history of “Chum — Salekhard — Igarka” railway)
ArticleAuthor Lipatova L. F.
ArticleName The study of chromite deposit “Tsentralnoye” of Ray-Iz massif
ArticleAuthor Ovechkin A. M.
ArticleName Kharbey mine is the first mining enterprise of the Polar Urals
ArticleAuthor Grigoryev V. V.
ArticleName 106th-110th kilometer. The settlement of Polyarny
ArticleAuthor Perminov I. G.
ArticleName The construction of core storages on the territory of the Yamal- Nenets Autonomous Area
ArticleAuthors Bezborodykh E. V., Zelensky A. I.
ArticleName "The Industrial Urals — the Polar Urals" with the eyes of young generation
ArticleAuthor Katysheva A. A.
ArticleName The expedition to the Polar Urals
ArticleAuthor Khozyainova E. Yu.
Cultural heritage of northern peoples
ArticleName About the Polar Urals and legends about the Sikhirtya people
ArticleAuthor Lipatova L. F.
ArticleName Ceramics and stone in the cultures of the Lower Ob region (era of Eneolithic and Early Bronze)
ArticleAuthor Tupakhina O. S.
ArticleName The dish with the image of Alexander the Great’s flight on griffins
ArticleAuthor Zalesskaya V. N.
ArticleName Stones in the life of indigenous peoples
ArticleAuthor Lipatova L. F.
ArticleName Metallic decorations in the traditional cultures of the Nenets and Khanty people of the Lower Ob region
ArticleAuthor Arefieva A. A.
ArticleName Treasures of the North (medieval artistic metal in Western Siberia)
ArticleAuthor Fedorova N. V.
ArticleName Weapons of the settlers of West Siberian north in the archaeological collections of the Museum-Exhibition Complex named after I. S. Shemanovsky
ArticleAuthor Gusev A. V.
ArticleName Only that man is capable of accepting a gift, who is able to understand the significance of the gift
Journals →  Museums →  2012 →  #2 Special issue