Sorption processes of operating plants

V. P. Volkov

For many years, the author investigated the sorption properties of sorbents, designed and participated in new-introduced industrial objects commissioning, and observed their further exploitation.

The basic physical and chemical properties of ionites are considered in this paper together with their importance in industrial sorption systems. An issue is set about the influence of hydraulic resistance of the sorbent alloy in sorption columns on sorption indicators; and about the definition of geometrical parameters of sorption apparatuses.

Definition of the specific consumption of sorbent is given for constantly operating plants. There is shown the function of sorption leaching of valuable component in the process of sorption from pulps.

Methods of laboratory investigations are given for the definition of technological parameters and indicators of sorption processes and sorption of sorbed elements making the basis of management in industrial systems.

There was developed the mathematical model of sorption of valuable component from pulps in counter-current multistage apparatuses.

Methods of oriented calculations of structural dimensions of sorption apparatuses are recommended. There are given the schematic circuits of apparatuses design for sorption from pulps and sorption columns.

Another issue is set about the “probability of loss” in hydrometallurgical processes and its calculation.

On the basis of the sorption regularities, considered by the author, there is given an example of the sorption purification of cobalt compounds from nickel.

A special attention is paid to the calculations of indicators of sorption processes on the industrial practice examples.

This work shows the calculations, based on the prevalence of the “film kinetics” of the sorbed ion in the sorption process, which is typical for the elements with low concentration in the initial solution.

Applying the “gel” sorption kinetics to the sorption system suppose some deviations from the results obtained during the solution of the given formulas. However, the influence of “gel” kinetics in the cases of uranium and gold sorption from industrial solutions is considered as minimal.

Language of edition: Russian.

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Publishing year: 2014

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