A novel about metallurgy

R. L. Shatalov

Author of this book is a prominent specialist in and around the plastic metal working. He describes his childhood, youth and his further life in science and pedagogy. He also tells about his teachers and friends. All of them were the witnesses and participants of impressive and crucial events in the history of USSR and then of Russia from the beginning of the XX century to nowadays. Each of them greatly contributed in the development of Russian social and political life, in science, in creation of new technique and technologies and in the professional training. Most of these people are metallurgists, graduates from Moscow University of Steel and Alloys.

Among them are ministers V. P. Elyutin, S. V. Kolpakov, rectors of large universities P. I. Polukhin, Yu. D. Zheleznov, Yu. S. Karabasov, B. S. Mitin, S. K. Kantenik, A. N. Kovshov, E. O. Tsaturyan, heads of academical and industrial institutes, outstanding scientists A. B. Chelyustkin, Yu. F. Shevakin, A. V. Krupin, V. P. Polukhin, A. I. Tselikov, K. V. Frolov; directors of museums G. G. Grigoryan, T. G. Shumnaya, et al. These and many other talented people made and are still making an influence on the history and development of culture, science and technology.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-049-4
Pages: 544
Binder: hardcover
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2009

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