Zinc hydrometallurgy (cleaning of solutions and electrolysis)

L. A. Kazanbaev, P. A. Kozlov, V. L. Kubasov, A. V. Kolesnikov

The book describes the processes of cleaning of solutions obtained after leaching calcinated zinc concentrates and other oxidized zinc-bearing raw materials. Theoretical grounds of cementing cleaning, mechanism and kinetics of occurring electrochemical reactions are examined. The effect of ions of other metals containing in the solutions on cementing cleaning of these solutions with removal of nickel and cobalt ions is shown as well as the role of activating additives in this case. Technological and machinery routes of electrochemical stages of zinc hydrometallurgical production are presented and optional processing methods for cakes of cementing cleaning are observed.

Theory and practice of zinc electrolysis and manufacture of commercial zinc and zinc-based alloys are displayed. Relationship between zinc current output (from one side) and electrolysis conditions and composition of zinc electrolyte (from other side) is shown. The data about hydrogen extraction at cathode during joint discharge of impurities from electrolyte are given. Influence of different impurities, surface-active substances and organic compounds on structure of zinc cathode sediments and zinc adhesion to aluminium cathode is investigated.

The processes of stripping and smelting of zinc, cleaning of lead anodes and bath with slime removal are examined, as well as the problems of labour safety during zinc electrolysis.

ISBN: None
Страницы: 0
Издатель: Ore and Metals PH
Язык: Русский
Год издания: 2006

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