2018 Chongqing (China) International Industrial Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Exhibition (May 9-11, 2018, Chongqing International Expo Center)


Scale: 12,000 square meters
Exhibitors: 300 companies
Visitors: 12,000 visits


Guiding Organizer
Chongqing Economic and Information Commission
Chongqing Development and Reform Commission
Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Committee
Chongqing Environmental Protection Bureau

Wise Exhibition (HK) Co., Ltd.
Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.


Exhibition General

EP EXPO is the largest, most professional, and the most popular environmental protection exhibition in Southwest of China, will be hold on May 9-11, 2018 in Chongqing International Expo Center. The last exhibition (First Term) on May 11-13, 2016 was held in Chongqing, it attracted a total 200 well-known enterprises at home and abroad to join, such as Sea Billiton Environment, South China Pump Industry, Wuxi Industry Sources, Jiangsu Conde, Zike Environmental Protection, SouthPump Industry, Days of Membrane, Shanghai Mass, Ligao pump industry, Tianjin Fuyou, Hudong Meister, Wuhan Instrument,Chongqing Grundfos, XiaoQing Environmental Protection, MAXFORD, Suzhou GYRUS, Jinan Baoyi, Guizhou Xuetong Instrument, Beijing Wave, Tophik Environmental Protection, Shanghai Jianglang fluid, Shiqing Environmental Protection. It attracted 10,000 professional audiences to visit and purchasefrom the directors of purchasing department and engineering department, such as Changan Automobile, Hite, Jialing, LHFA Industrial Park, Wulong Industrial Park, Inventec, Foxconn, Siemens, Honeywell, Mitsubishi Electric, Cummins, GM,Yanjia Industrial Park, Kerui Pharmaceutical, Haier Group, Cnooc, KaidaEnvironmental Protection Engineering, Bo Teng Plastic, Dongfeng motor, SanrongEnvironmental Protection, Francois Environmental Protection, Yunfang Environmental Protection, ChinaHeavy Industry, Yezhifeng, Ferris Environmental Protection. The First showhas caused extensive concern in the industry, get the approved by industrial enterprises consistency.

The exhibition is joint organized by Chongqing Environmental Protection Industry Association, Chongqing Zhijian Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Also, it supported by Chongqing Economic and Information Commission, Chongqing Development and Reform Commission, Chongqing Urban and Rural Construction Committee, ChongqingEnvironmental Protection Bureau, and Chongqing Commerce Commission. The exhibition will be repositioned, the expanded scale, fully shows the latest technology and equipment for environmental protection industries;

Respond to a nation called on, it committed to promoting environmental protection industry science and technology innovation in southwest. The concurrent events is including 2018 China southwest industrial environmental governance and sustainable development summit forum, 2018 industrial wastewater & prevention and control new technology seminar, and 2018 southwest key industries VOCs pollution control and monitoring technology conference, etc.

Key to invite industrial enterprises policymakers come to visit and purchase, the industry are including steel, power, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, metal, food, printing, printing and dyeing, paper making, agriculture, construction, textile, oil, chemical, natural gas, hospital, hotel, metallurgy, mining, new energy, new materials, cement, electroplating, painting, brewing, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment plant, water plant, city urban construction, monitoring stations, center of solid waste, waste treatment factory, municipal engineering, environmental engineering, etc.


Making southwest environmental protection industries premier event greatly.


Concurrent Events

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