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Power Engineering and Ecology
ArticleName State-of-the-art in coke oven gas treatment — a practical example
ArticleAuthor E. Proface, S. Pivot, J. Otten, W. Kern.

Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A., Genoa, Italy:

Proface E.,  Chem. Eng., Technologically Responsible for By-products Plants,

Pivot S., Mech. Eng., General Manager GKE Plants


DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Cokemaking Technology Division, Essen, Germany:

Otten J.,  Mag. Eng., Project Manager

Kern W., Mag. Eng., Head of Sales


Paul Wurth Italia S.p.A. is realizing a new coke oven and by-product plant for Bhushan Steel, Ltd. at Orissa in India. The plant will represent the state of the art in coke making incorporating all the most modern technologies in order to have important energy savings, to achieve the best coke quality and to respect environmental issues. Regarding the coke oven gas treatment plant, which will have a capacity of 70,000 m (S.T.P.)/h, the plant will apply the most advanced technical solutions in this area. The project is carried out with the cooperation of DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany, the strategic partner of Paul Wurth in the by-product area. The main scope of this short description is to give main information about PWIT and DMT technological capacity and experience in the design and development of a modern coke oven gas treatment plant. In conclusion, the main aims of the company’s activity can be summarized as follows: priority attention and care to safety and environmental aspects, due to the chemical and physical characteristics of the handled materials; design aimed to fulfill all process performances and guaranteed values, minimizing operation costs (for example using the same ammonia in the gas to remove H2S) and maximizing plant reliability (for example us ing well proven technological solutions as above described); attention to energy savings, maximizing internal heat exchanges (in the stripping units for example) and steam condensate recovery (mainly from chillers units); time schedule respect in close cooperation with the client requirements.

keywords Coke oven gas, by-product plant, coke quality, energy saving, heat exchange, environment protection, tar and water treatment
Language of full-text russian
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