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ArticleName Mathematical model of the grinding processing stage economic efficiency parameter forming at the Kadzharanskaya concentrating plant
ArticleAuthor Balasanyan S. Sh.

Kapan Branch of State Engineering University of Armenia (Republic of Armenia):

Balasanyan S. Sh., Director,


Profit obtained from concentrates, is substantiated with respect to ore grinding system (OGS) efficiency parameter that takes into account equipment reliability. It is shown that profit satisfies most requirements set with regard to oredressing processes efficiency criteria. Profit characterizes ore grinding process efficiency from the view point of final concentrates production, taking into account final products parameters, operational costs, degree of valuable components recovery, reliability and quality of grinding equipment. In order to overcome the difficulty of determining ground product cost function as a known function of final products cost, a regression model is formed by step regression method, describing statistic dependence of OGS operational efficiency conditional index on its interval (shiftaverage) performance results. Using a systems approach, a computer model is developed, permitting to form output interval characteristics of OGS with respect to its accomplished trends with in 8hour time interval. The developed computer model has been integrated into the computer model used for OGS assessment and operational efficiency study at the Zangezur coppermolybdenum Mining Complex, taking into account the OGS equipment reliability. As a result of simulation experiments, conducted on this model, the following applied problems were solved: assessment of OGS operational efficiency reduction ratio due to equipment unreliability, assessment of equipment factors' influence with respect to system operational efficiency, choice of optimal structure of reserve links between grinding equipment units and rational strategy for their use, determination of an optimal method for slurry pumps standby units provision, determination of an optimal service procedure for faulty equipment.

keywords Reliability, quality, efficiency, ore grinding, simulation, regression, equipment, index, computer model

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