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ArticleName Synchronization of inertia vibroexciters in vibratory-impact cone crusher with three-dimensional motions of working members
ArticleAuthor Safronov А. N., Kazakov S. V., Shishkin Ye. V.

REC «Mechanobr-Tekhnika», Russia:

Safronov A. N., Projects Director,

Kazakov S. V., Design Engineer


Mining University, Russia:

Shishkin Ye. V., Deputy Head of Chair


Cone crusher includes cushioned body with unbalance vibration exciters, with resiliently mounted rolling cone inside body. With that, axes of rotation of vibroexciters are mounted at an angle in opposite directions with regard to horizontal plane, thus causing opposing longitudinally-torsional (helical) oscillations of body and cone with a frequency, equal to vibroexciters' rotational frequency. Crusher's symmetrical tree-dimensional dynamic design is considered. Energy losses in collisions between crushing cone and crusher's body through layer of crushed material are taken into account approximately by means of introduction of a special malleable damper. Differential equations of the considered system are set up with ten DOF, and subsequently analyzed in the framework of the general theory of self-synchronization. Equations of crusher's body and crushing cone oscillations are derived, as well as power balance equations for synchronously cophasal operational regime. It is established, that crusher antiphase-locked operation is achieved, only if synchronous frequency exceeds partial frequency of crusher's body. Stability of synchronously cophasal regime is analyzed, showing that stability may be achieved in above-resonance range.

keywords Inertia crusher, crusher's dynamic design, oscillations, vibroexciters, self-synchronization

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