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ArticleName Upon behavior of solids in the vibrating loose medium
ArticleAuthor Blekhman I. I., Vasilkov V. B., Yakimova K. S.

REC «Mekhanobrtekhnika», Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering of RAS (Russia):

Blekhman I. I., Head of Laboratory;

Vasilkov V. B., Leading Researcher

Yakimova K. S., Leading Researcher,


The phenomenon of a vibrating segregation of loose materials is used in a number of important processes of mineral and technogenic raw materials treatment in screening and separation, processing on concentration tables, and locks. It consists in that in the course of vibrating impact on the loose medium the latter becomes stratified, being accompanied emerging and immersion of the particles possessing specific properties (large — small, heavy — light, different in form). The article is devoted to a pilot study of one important particular case of emerging of a solid in the medium of much smaller density, for example in sand, including saturated with water. In particular, rather weak dependence of intensity of vibration at which there is a body emerging, from its form is shown. The fact is found out seeming paradoxical that more dense bodies emerge easier, than less dense. It is established that for a emerging of a solid in the water saturated loose medium (humidity 18 %) frequency of vibration approximately twice big and factor of an overload four times big in comparison with dehydrated loose media are required. At compensation of body's weight by an elastic element (spring) essentially smaller intensity of vibration is necessary for its emersion (at the set amplitude smaller frequency). Results of researches are of interest also in connection with a problem of an arching and wear of the pipelines laid near a seabed, and also for an explanation of effect of emerging of boulders in sand under the seismic influences.

keywords Loose medium, vibration, vibrating segregation, underwater pipeline, emersion, solid

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