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ArticleName Copper-nickel converter matte sulfidizing with the view to improve its floatation separation results
ArticleAuthor Vlasov О. А., Mechev V. V.

Siberian Federal University (Russia):

Vlasov O. A., Professor,


NTTs «EKMEN» (Russia):

Mechev V. V., Chief Adviser,


Interaction between vaporous sulfur and copper-nickel converter matte — product of matte processing stage with oxygen blow in converter, reducing its iron grade to 3–5 %, is considered. It is shown, that even in a short period of time (45 s) sulfur is taken up by converter matte by 70–85 %. Sulfur content increase not only improves converter matte flotation results — copper content in copper concentrate increases while nickel content in it decreases, and nickel content in nickel concentrate increases while copper content in it decreases, and, in addition to that, metal alloy content is considerably decreased, permitting to eliminate its separate processing stage. The optimal ratio between sulfur content in converter matte and quantity of metal alloy is determined. It is noted, that introduction of the proposed process decreases power inputs in subsequent processing stages. With that, part of sulfur, produced in processing of copper-nickel converter matte, may be brought into process. The extensive observational data, corroborating the described conclusions, are presented.

keywords Converter matte, copper, nickel, iron, cobalt, sulfur, concentrate, metal alloy, sulfidizing

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12. Inventor’s certificate 1452140 USSR.

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