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Continuous Casting
ArticleName Improved bearing for guide rolls of continuous casting machines.
ArticleAuthor N. A. Los, J. H. Rodhes, G. Daberger.

The Timken Corporation, Canton, USA:

Nigel A. Los, Principal Applications Engineer Process Industries

John H. Rhodes, Senior Product Development Specialist


Timken GmbH, Haan, Germany:

Georg Daberger, Key Account Manager Heavy Industry & Distribution,


At present time, the most part of slabs, blooms and billets are manufactured by continuous casting. Therefore, corresponding conticasters are permanently improving by putting into practice multiple constructive innovations. The paper presents the new bearing used in roll guides of different segments of continuous casting machines. Construction of roller guide for continuously cast billet have to meet strict requirements owing to direct contact between rolls and billet, internal cooling scheme and interaction between water and vapour contaminated with scale particles. The existing constructions of bearings and rolls with three and six bearings are observed. Alternative types of bearings are observed and compared with the developed one. Developed bearing construction is discussed and its operation mode is recommended; distribution of contact stresses illustrated. Bearing construction is tested and the results of commercial testings and investigations in the conditions of Siemens VAI and Timken companies are displayed. Lowered work temperatures displayed on less sliding friction inside bearing. High-reliable and high-efficient developed bearing is characterized by mounting and maintenance simplicity. It is expected that service life of these bearings will be from 1.5 to 4 mln tons.

keywords Continuous casting machines, guide rolls, bearing, construction, cooling, contact stresses, testing, maintenance, sliding friction, service life
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