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Iron and Steel Making
ArticleName Selective waste gas recirculation system for sintering plants
ArticleAuthor J. Reidetscläger, H. Stiasny, S. Hötzinger, Ch. Aichinger, A. Fulgencio.

Siemens VAI Metals Technologies, Erlangen:

Johann Reidetschläger, Dr., Senior Expert, Agglomeration Technology

Hans Stiasny, Dipl.-Ing., Senior Expert, Agglomeration Technology

Stefan Hötzinger, Dipl.-Ing., Head of Technology, Agglomeration Technology

Christoph Aichinger, Dipl.-Ing., Vice President, Agglomeration Technology

André Fulgencio, Global Marketing Manager, Ironmaking Technologies

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Latest developments in sinter technology especially concerning relevant environmental issues are presented in this paper. The Siemens VAI selective waste gas recirculation system can be installed in existing or in greenfield plants, as 100 % add-on or fully integrated. As another highlight of this off-gas recirculation system, in combination with the Meros (Maximized Emission Reduction of Sintering) process it represents one of the best available techniques for a cleaner sintering process. Since its conception by Siemens VAI and the obtained results at voestalpine Stahl Linz, the specific amounts of dust and pollutants, including SO2, NOx, PCDD/PCDF and heavy metals, alkalines and chlorides, were considerably reduced in comparison with previous sinter plant operation. Furthermore, with consideration to the recirculation of hot waste gas from the sinter plant mixed with hot air from the sinter cooler, fuel savings of up to 10 % coke breeze per ton of sinter was achieved. Siemens VAI has successfully installed the Selective Waste Gas Recirculation System in a larger scale than applied at voestalpine Stahl, at the Taiwanese steel producer Dragon Steel Corporation, which has been in operation since the end of 2009. After the successful start-up of Dragon Steel Corporation’s No. 1 sinter plant, Siemens VAI has been awarded a contract for sinter plant No. 2, which is a new sinter plant with 387 m2 also featuring selective waste gas recirculation system. The start-up is scheduled for 2012.

keywords Waste gas, recirculation, sintering plants, emissions, dust, pollutants, hot air, cooling, Siemens VAI, fuel, coke

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