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ArticleName Economic benefits of processing line design using advanced heating technology
ArticleAuthor H.-G. Hartung, W. Püttgen, C. Sasse, J. von Schéele
ArticleAuthorData Dr. Eng. H.-G. Hartung, Head of department of strip processing units; Dr. Eng. W. Püttgen, Head of Design; Special Editor, Department of Strip Processing Units, SMS Siemag AG, Hilden; Dr. J. von Schéele, Manager of Metals and Glass Industries, Linde Group, Unterschleissheim;

Direct flame impingement burners have proved to be the most effective method of strip heating. The burners ensure most rapid heating plus cleaning of the material. Burner flame of DFI oxyfuel strip heating system, burner rows of a processing line (without casing) and cleaning section in a conventional galvani zing line are shown in the paper. DFI oxyfuel heating module of the furnace consists of two burner row units (one top and one bottom): gaseous fuel is burnt with pure oxygen and the flame directly heats the moving strip. Conventional galvanizing line design and the new design with DFI oxyfuel are compared. This article explains the DFI oxyfuel technology and describes a new line concept for continuous galvanizing lines using DFI oxy fuel. It is shown that zinc adhesion and surface appearance are also improved due to utilization of DFI oxyfuel. Thus, the cleaning and furnace section of a strip processing line can be of much compacter design, leading to significant savings in investment and operating costs, in getting substantial economic benefits.

keywords Strip heating, strip processing, burners, cleaning sections, DFI oxyfuel technology, continuous galvanizing lines.
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