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ArticleName Use of electric permanent magnet technology for loading and unloading ships
ArticleAuthor M. Redeker, B. Decker, B. Baikow, D. Langenfurth.
ArticleAuthorData B. Decker, e-mail:
Abstract Eisenbahn and Häfen GmbH will use the electric permanent magnet technology in ship cargo handling for the first time in Duisburg-Walsum company port being a pilot project in co-operation with ThyssenKrupp Magnettechnik. Use and functioning of this technology as well as first operative experiences will be presented.
keywords electric permanent magnets, ship cargo handling, cantilever cranes, chain crossbeams, slabs.
References 1. Lindenberg, H.-U.; Schäfer, F.-W.; Igelüscher, A.: stahl u. eisen 127 (2007) Nr. 9, S. 27/40.
2. ThyssenKrupp Steel: Brammen auf Sendung, stahl u. eisen 127 (2007) Nr. 4, S. 27/28.
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