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ArticleName Equipment for crosswedge rolling of piece blank and rod workpieces on the base of the roll CWR mill 80×450
ArticleAuthor V. I. Kotenok, V. E. Medvedev.
Abstract For manufacturing such parts as solids of rotation with lengthened axis, with abrupt transfers from one part step to another, with different (cylindrical, conical, spherical, etc) form of these steps crosswedge rolling process is widely used. It allows increasing productivity up to 10 times in comparison with turning and up to 2-3 times in comparison with forging and increasing metal usage coefficient up to 80-95%. Dimensions accuracy of forged pieces is in most cases comparable with workpieces dimensions accuracy after rough turning. At present time this technology is realised in the whole range of CWR mills operating according to different technological schemes.
keywords crosswedge rolling, roll mill, piece blanks, rod, rolls, productivity, dimension accuracy.
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