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Ironmaking and steelmaking
ArticleName DC-EAF power control using a sound based foaming slag signal
ArticleAuthor T. Jansen, K. Krüger, H. Schliephake, B. Dettmer, Jianxiong Deng.
ArticleAuthorData Eng. T. Jansen, Scientific fellow; Prof., Dr. Eng. K. Krüger, Chair of processing of technological information and system analysis, Institute of Automation of Hannover University named after Helmut Schmidt (Bundeswehr University), Hamburg; Dr. Eng. H. Schliephake, Technical director; Eng. B. Dettmer, Managing board of electric steelmaking shop, Dr. Eng. Jianxiong Deng, Technological department, Georgsmarienhütte GmbH, Georgsmarienhütte;
Based on the acoustic sound emission and the electrical parameters, an algorithm for foaming slag detection at a DC-EAF is presented. Regardless of the currently applied electrical power, the model provides a reliable estimate of the slag level. Empirical studies at the DC-EAF of the Georgsmarienh tte GmbH demonstrate the applicability of the signal as a slag index. Thus a robust tool is given to detect a poorly shielded arc at an early stage. In a second step the slag signal was integrated into an existing power control concept. Aim is to adjust power input dynamically to the process conditions.
keywords Electric arc furnaces, steel making, electric power, foaming slag, detection, control, slag signal.

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