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Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
ArticleName Prospects of commercial usage of equipment and technology for ladle vacuum refining treatment with increased productivity
ArticleAuthor A. V. Luk'yanov, A. V. Protasov, B. A. Sivak, N. A. Shchegolev.
ArticleAuthorData A. V. Luk'yanov, A. V. Protasov, B. A. Sivak, All-Russian Design and Research Institute of Metallurgical Machine-building (VNIIMETMASH) named after A. I. Tselikov; N. A. Shchegolev, Tenova East Europe;
The paper observes the process of ladle vacuum refining (VDF/VDOF) based on the principle of localization of volume of degassing metal via usage of reaction chamber with separation of vacuum chamber space in two areas with different depression degree. It allows to exclude metal overflow outside ladle side and to increase mass of vacuumized melt. The project of modernization of vacuum vessel operating in the converter shop of “Severstal” metallurgical works, with putting into practice of VOD/VOFD unit is developed.
keywords Steel, ladle vacuum treatment, refining, pressure, reaction chamber, gas-slag-metallic emulsion, argon.

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