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Название Improvement of traction capacity of industrial railway transport in the Arctic and on the continental shelf
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.10.10
Автор Keropyan A. M.
Информация об авторе

National University of Science and Technology—NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

A. M. Keropyan, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, am_kerop@mail.ru


The Russian Arctic is extremely rich in minerals (hydrocarbons, various minerals, precious metals, etc.). In modern conditions, it is of particular importance to develop vast territories located beyond the Arctic Circle, due to their special socio-economic, geopolitical and defense significance. The rapid development of the Yamal field needs a reliable and modern trunk railway. The project called the Northern Latitudinal Railway has been included in the Strategy for the Development of Railway Transport until 2030. At the temperatures below minus 20 °C, the use of ordinary sand to improve adhesion usually has low effect due to a significant increase in the hardness of ice and ice crust. It should be noted that given sand is present at the contact of ice-glazed rails and wheels, their metal–metal interaction is interrupted by of this sandwiched sand interlayer, which leads to a decrease in the traction characteristics of locomotives. To increase the adhesion coefficient in winter, the author has proposed an engineering solution protected by patent No. 2504492, which consists in the feed of pre-heated, for example, using an induction heater, dry quartz sand to the rail–wheel contact zone. This invention allows increasing the coefficient of adhesion and, consequently, the traction force of locomotives on average up to 10%. Currently, we are carrying out studies to solve the problem of removing ice deposits from the working surface of rails using innovative “sandless” methods that eliminate the need of using ordinary sand. The solution to the problem of removing ice from rails will contribute to the creation of a terrestrial year-round communication between Chukotka and the Barents Sea, which duplicates the Northern Sea Route.

Ключевые слова Arctic, continental shelf, wheel–rail industrial transport, locomotive, traction, wheel–rail system, ice build-up, rail track, rail heating
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