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Rolling and Other Metal Forming Processes
ArticleName Feasibility study and obtaining laminated rods by rolling with three- and four-sided reductions
ArticleAuthor V. P. Vostrikov, L. A. Barkov, M. N. Samodurova, Yu. S. Latfulina

South Ural State University (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

V. P. Vostrikov, Senior Researcher, Dept. of Machines and Technology of Metal Forming
L. A. Barkov, Dr. Eng., Scientific Director of the Resource Center for Special Metallurgy, e-mail:
M. N. Samodurova, Dr. Eng., Prof., Dept. of Machines and Technology of Metal Forming, e-mail:
Yu. S. Latfulina, Research Engineer, the Resource Center for Special Metallurgy, e-mail:


The traditional method of production of laminated bars by rolling in calibers with double-sided compressions is considered. Drawbacks of the method are noted, leading to low quality of the received bars and low yield of suitable ones. The modern method is described as well as rol ling mills with triple-roller calibers, crimping the rolled products from three sides. The advantages of the method of rolling with three-way crimping are specified. A new layered material, a new method and new designs of mills for production of layered bars on the mills with three-way crimping are presented. The authors of the article received patents of the Russian Federation and foreign countries for inventions for material, method and design of mills. The process is described and designs of mills for rolling of laminated bars with four-sided compressions are presented. The research and development of the rolling method is carried out both for single- and multi-cell mills, in which the four-rollers had only two or all four drive rolls. The mills were designed with patents from the USA, Japan and European countries.

keywords Methods of rolling with two-, three- and four-sided compressions, two- and multi-layer rolling, bar mills with two-, three- and fourroller calibers, four-roller calibers with two and four drive rolls

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