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ArticleName Selecting electric drives for large mills
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.05.10
ArticleAuthor Shevyrev Yu. V., Datskovskiy L. Kh., Boguslavskiy I. Z.

College of Mining, NUST MISIS, Moscow, Russia:

Yu. V. Shevyrev, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
L. Kh. Datskovskiy, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
I. Z. Boguslavskiy, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article discusses selection of an electric drive for large mills with the installed drive power above 4000 kW. The scope of the studies embraced two types of drives: direct drive with high-torque synchronous motor in the cycloconverter–synchronous motor configuration (CC–SM) and dual-motor drive with asynchronous motors and phase-wound rotor in the configuration of the wound-rotor slip recovery system (ASR) or double-way feed machine (DWF). The drive with asynchronous motors has gearing: crown wheel on mill drum—motor pinions. The synchronous drive with CC is unlimited in terms of power, enables capital construction cost cut, and ensures higher efficient and improves the mill performance owing to mill velocity optimization. The operation of two asynchronous motors with phase rotor and single shaft introduces some features in distribution of loads between the motors. Comparison of the two types of electric drives shows that the CC–SM configuration drive brings higher capital expenses but is advantageous in terms of specifications and performance, while the drive based on the asynchronous motors and a phase rotor has power constrains due to the limited crown wheel–pinion torque transfer and features high operating costs.

keywords Mill, cycloconverter, synchronous motor, wound-rotor slip recovery system, double-way feed machine, higher harmonics, subordinate control of variable, distribution of loads

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