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Rolling and other Metal forming processes
Название 3D slab and and heavy plate control
Автор St. Burkhardt
Информация об авторе

Isra Parsytec GmbH (Aachen, Germany):

St. Burkhardt, Dr., CEO, e-mail: sburkhardt@isravision.com


Flat defects (cracks, blister, shell) most often occur in the very early stages of steel production. In this regard, the automatic strip surface inspection system is becoming increasingly important for effective product quality control. Currently, high-performance two- and three-dimensional combined systems during optical inspection and topographic measurements with a maximum level of reliability recognize all common defects on the surface of slabs and plates, clearly distinguishing them from the so-called pseudodefects. To optimize the production process, Isra Vision offers two- and three-dimensional surface control technologies for steel products in combination with dimensional measurements. This implies a signifi cant increase in the output of high-quality products.

Ключевые слова Quality control, heavy plates, slab, defects of flat products
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