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Название A Ternium’s new RH vacuum degasser in Brazil is a next step in the framework of Industry 4.0 concept
Автор A. Pezza, B. Lopes, H. Gomes, L. Demuner
Информация об авторе

Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Willstätt, Germany):

A. Pezza, e-mail: andrea.pezza@primetals.com


Ternium Brasil Ltda. (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil):
B. Lopes

H. Gomes

L. Demuner


At a Ternium`s plant in the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, a steelmaking workshop operates, which includes two desulphurization units, two 330-ton oxygen converters, a chemical heating stand (with aluminum additive), two circulation degassers and two double-strand continuous casters. The introduction of a new circulation degasser means the completion of the first phase of construction. In its final form, it will be the twin unit. It is connected with existing workshop equipment through a system of alloying silos, a vacuum pipe and a vacuum pump. The basic production scheme requires complete independence of the units from each other. Production of high-margin grades will increase from 20 (average) to 33 melts per day (approximately 11 thousand tons of metal per day) with an annual capacity of about 4 million tons. The new scheme will increase production of high-margin grades, in particular deep drawing ones. Expanding the existing unit requires a different layout concept that takes into account the original version. Based on the experience gained during operation of the first unit, recommendations and comments on the possible improvement of the newly constructed unit have been developed. When designers and operators join forces to achieve a common goal, this ensures the success of the project. Many years after the introduction of the RH-degassing process into outof-furnace steel processing, it is still of great importance in the production of steel at metallurgical enterprises. Research of new solutions and improvement of units operation still has significant potential, which is late bringing out through digitalization.

Ключевые слова Сirculating vacuum degasser, vacuum chamber, oxygen lance, pump, control, Industry 4.0
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