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ArticleName Development and pilot testing of activities aimed to prevent adverse consequences of gasdynamic phenomena at the Internatsionalnaya pipe
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2020.01.21
ArticleAuthor Pul E. K., Zakharov N. E., Losovskaya Yu. V., Ivanov P. S.

Mirny Mining and Processing Plant, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

E. K. Pul, Head of Geotechnical Monitoring Department,
N. E. Zakharov, Chief Engineer
Yu. V. Losovskaya, Area Geophysicist at Geotechnical Monitoring Department


Mirny Special-Purpose Mine Construction Trust, Capital Construction Department, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:
P. S. Ivanov, Head of Production and Technology Facilities


The article presents the basic working knowledge of implemented research and analyzes the experience gained in mining management at the Internatsionalnaya pipe under conditions of rock and gas outburst hazards at deep levels in enclosing rock mass. The deposit is mined using the underground method, with descending stoping system with cemented backfill. Safe mining is complicated by the tendency of enclosing rocks simultaneously to two kinds of dynamic phenomena in the form of gas and rock outbursts and rock bursts. The mining activities of Belaruskali at the Starobin potassium salt deposit subjected to gas-dynamic phenomena are described. The first results obtained in the pilot tests of predicting and preventing outbursts of rocks and gas during heading in enclosing rock mass of block EB No 11 beneath the actual elevation of –802 m (1202 m below surface) in the Internatsionalny Mine are presented. It is found to be efficient to prevent rock and gas outbursts in enclosing rock mass beyond the project cross-section of underground excavations and to decrease intensity of rock and gas outbursts in rocks within the project cross-section of the excavation by advanced shooting.

keywords Internatsionalnaya pipe, rock and gas outburst, gas-dynamic phenomena, rock burst, shooting, shattering, rockburst hazard prediction, deep levels

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