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Название Unified methodology for management of a geotechnological complex in open pit mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.12.15
Автор Galiev S. Zh., Galiev D. A., Seitaev E. N., Uteshov E. T.
Информация об авторе

Kunaev Institute of Mining, Almaty, Kazakhstan:

S. Zh. Galiev, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
D. A. Galiev, Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Mining Technology Science Center, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan:
E. N. Seitaev, Engineer


Satbayev University, Almaty, Kazakhstan:
E. T. Uteshov, Head of Laboratory, Doctoral Student, yuteshov@gmail.com


The article presents the results of scientific research carried out in the framework of state research programs for 2018–2020 on the topic “Designing of automated positioning and communication systems for monitoring mining transport processes and making operational technological decisions in open underground methods of developing mineral deposits” and “Development mining design methodologies taking into account operational digitalization of processes”. It is noted that at the present stage of development of mining technology, the main and essential potential for increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of mining transportation is automation of management processes and in-depth analytics. As tools for in-depth analytics, we consider the method of simulation modeling of the designed and investigated mining transportation processes, ensuring their operational review with adequate consideration of mining, mining-geometrical, mining-geological, organizational and economic conditions for their implementation. The expediency of forming a unified methodology for calculating the main technical, technological and technical and economic parameters of geotechnological complexes both at the design stages and at the stage of their operation is substantiated. One of the fundamental conditions for the successful implementation of the approach under consideration is the development of this methodology within the framework of process management, which means the availability of relevant integral criteria-based technical and economic indicators. For an objective and reliable economic assessment of the effectiveness of the functioning of the geotechnological complex at the basis of the adopted management methodology, it is necessary to use the methodology of process management economics. In connection with the proposed approach, directions for increasing the efficiency of mining transport management in quarries using modern information technologies are determined. It is noted that there is a significant potential for increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of mining operations due to their more precise organization using in-depth analytics and automation of management processes. For the first time, a classification of automated information systems for managing mining transport operations in open cast mining is given. The main scientific novelty of the article is the systematization of objects, methods and directions for improving the management of geotechnological complexes at the stages of their design and operation. The article concludes with the main conclusion that in the control system of the geotechnological complex, at the stages of its design and operation, a new unified methodological base is needed, based on in-depth digitalization and the principles of process management.

Ключевые слова Geotechnological complex, design, digitalization, information technology, automation, analytics, efficiency, simulation, optimization, organization
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