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ArticleName Development prospects for dredging method of placer mining
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2019.12.07
ArticleAuthor Pyatakov V. G., Talgamer B. L.

Irgiredmet, Irkutsk, Russia:

V. G. Pyatakov, Head of Department, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Institute of Subsurface Resource Management, Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Irkutsk, Russia:

B. L. Talgamer, Director, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article provides an estimation of dredging operations in Russia. It highlights advantages and disadvantages of this placer mining method, and demand for additional exploitation of artificial (manmade) deposits created by dredging. The authors evaluate future trends in placer dredging operations and offer a combined method for development of hard-to-dredge and permafrost sediments, which brings together benefits of two mining methods. The article proposes the hybrid method for placer mining, provides the analysis of its capabilities with respect to different conditions of mineral occurrence. The possibility of significant reduction in mineral losses in sand dredging along mineral body boundaries is indicated. The suggested mining flow sheets provide overburden stockpiling in mined-out area with vertically arranged pay zone; this allows maintaining water level in a dredging cut at a level close to natural water level in valleys and, thus, reduces leakages and water inflow in a process reservoir. In addition, there are some examples of the combined method use in different regions of Russia. New requirements for dredges are provided based on the proposed placer mining technology; and the basic parameters of a dredge designed manufactured and mounted with participation of one of the this article authors are presented.

keywords Placers, dredging, new methods for development of hard-to-dredge and technogenic deposits, combined placer mining experience, new requirements for dredges

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