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Название SMD-111B jaw crusher upgrade
DOI 10.17580/or.2019.06.10
Автор Starikov V. V., Ganin D. R.
Информация об авторе

JSC «Orskiy Shchebenochnyy Zavod» (Orsk, Russia):

Starikov V. V., Deputy Director, starikov_vv@1pnk.ru


Novotroitsk Branch of National Research Technological University «MISiS» (Novotroitsk, Russia):

Ganin D. R., Engineer, dmrgan@mail.ru


The paper covers the upgrade of the SMD-111B jaw crusher operated for the primary crushing stage at the crushing and screening shop of Orskiy Shchebenochnyy Zavod JSC in the manufacture of crushed stone from diabase porphyrites, tuffs, rhyolites, and anderites. The replacements of the prefabricated connecting rod with a solid-cast rod and of plain bearings with rolling bearings on the eccentric shaft were selected as the main areas for improving the design of the jaw crusher. The use of a prefabricated connecting rod in the jaw crusher previously required regular re-tightening of respective connecting rod studs, leading to frequent unplanned downtime of the crusher. The disadvantage of using plain bearings consisted in the lubrication requirement, with the inevitable additional installation and maintenance of an oil station. The replacement of plain bearings with rolling bearings enabled a simpler design with more compact dimensions in the axial direction, lower consumption of lubricants, higher rotation rates of the eccentric shaft, and reduced power losses. The replacement of the prefabricated connecting rod with a solid-cast design and of plain bearings with rolling bearings on the eccentric shaft improved the reliability of the jaw crusher and reduced its unplanned downtime, facilitated maintenance and repair, and cut the time losses for repairs and recovery work. The above measures to upgrade the SMD-111B jaw crusher at Orskiy Shchebenochnyy Zavod JSC resulted in improved technical and economic indicators of the enterprise in general: higher output of crushed stone, lower production costs, and higher product profitability with the capital pay-off period of less than three months.

Ключевые слова Jaw crusher, crushed stone, upgrade, solid-cast connecting rod, plain bearing, rolling bearing
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