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Engineering Technologies
ArticleName Improvement of operational reliability of a sheet bending four-roller machine of JSC Ural Steel
ArticleAuthor A. V. Nefedov, K. S. Krasov, N. A. Chichenev

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” — Novotroitsk Affiliate (Novotroitsk, Russia):

A. V. Nefedov, Cand. Ped., Associate Prof., Deputy Director on Teaching and Guiding, e-mail:
K. S. Krasov, Graduate, e-mail:
N. A. Chichenev, Dr. Eng., Prof., Dept. of Technological Equipment Engineering, e-mail:


The results of analysis of equipment operation in the mechanical workshop`s metal construction department of the JSC Ural Steel metallurgical plant have been presented, on the basis of which the technical condition of a four-roller bending machine was assessed and recommendations were made for changing its design in order to increase reliability and increase efficiency. It was shown that the actual planned and unscheduled downtime indicates a low durability of equipment components; mechanisms and structural elements of the machine were outdated and do not correspond to the state-of-the-art technical level in terms of performance. It was proposed with aim to reduce time for current downtimes, overhauls and maintenance of equipment to upgrade the mechanism for lifting the bending machine`s side rolls, and to increase productivity and safety of the production process, to automate the sheet feeding process using the transfer roller table. The existing design of the mechanism for lifting the side roll includes a screw-nut transmission, the disadvantage of which is increased thread wear, low efficiency and a laborious manufacturing process. Reducing the cost of repair and operation of this unit and the bending machine is achieved by replacing the screw-nut gear with a rack and pinion gear, which has higher service characteristics that allows to increase the transmission load capacity and the overhaul period of equipment operation. Calculations show that implementation of design solutions does not require large capital expenditures (approximately 90 thousand rubles), the payback period is about 3 months.

keywords Sheet bending; four-roller bending machine; screw-nut gear; gear rack and pinion conveyor

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