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85th anniversary of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University
ArticleName Extremely optimized control by natural gas supply to minimize coke costs and increase productivity of the blast furnace process
ArticleAuthor B. N. Parsunkin, A. S. Savinov, I. E. Illarionov, M. V. Afanaseva

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

B. N. Parsunkin, Dr. Eng., Prof., Dept. of Automatic Control Systems
A. S. Savinov, Dr. Eng., Associate Prof., Head of Dept. of Mechanics, Director of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Processing Institute, e-mail:

M. V. Afanasyeva, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Informatics and Information Security


I. N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University (Cheboksary, Russia):
I. E. Illarionov, Dr. Eng., Prof, Head of the Chair “Materials Science and Metallurgical Processes”, e-mail:


The results of the development and the promising and urgently needed use of a more advanced system of extremely optimizing control of the supply of natural gas to the blast furnace are given in order to ensure minimum specific amounts of coke and maximum hourly productivity of the blast furnace process. A more sophisticated software and technical solution for the implementation of a step-by-step system for automatically optimizing control of the supply of a specific amount of natural gas, which virtually eliminates the periodic vibrational search mode and reduces the range of changes in the periodic search fluctuations of the specific quantity of natural gas in the final limit mode when the optimal operation mode of a blast furnace is considered. The proposed system is focused on software implementation using modern technical means of control and management and does not require significant capital expenditures with intelligent maximum efficiency.

keywords Blast furnace, automated control system, specifi c consumption, natural gas, productivity, cost minimization, optimization, step mode

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