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Kola MMC JSC: on the way to new technologies
ArticleName Support of operations at Kola MMC
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2019.11.09
ArticleAuthor Lebedev D. A., Tyukin D. P., Stepanov D. V., Zenkevich T. R.

Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company JSC, Monchegorsk, Russia:

D. A. Lebedev, Inspector Foreman of Technical Control Department, Control and Analytical Center
D. P. Tyukin, Chief Specialist of Technical Department, Technical Administration, e-mail:
D. V. Stepanov, Head of Pyrometallurgical Department, Research and Development Group, Control and Analytical Center
T. R. Zenkevich, Principal Specialist at the Hydrometallurgical Research Department, Control and Analytics Centre


This paper highlights the importance of operational support within the structure of a production company that is undergoing a period of active growth. The paper also outlines the key areas of activity. During a large-scale revamping project encompassing all the divisions of a production company, there comes an urgent need in monitoring and analysis of newly introduced and upgraded production lines, which task is to be performed by qualified personnel. The following standard of the Russian Federation — GOST R ISO/MEK 15288–2005 “Information technology. System engineering. System life cycle processes” — lays the basis of any corporate structure. It was successfully implemented in the set-up of the Research Department, the main function of which is to provide engineering support to the Kola MMC operations. The paper gives information about the structure and the number of personnel at the Research Department and outlines the key activities of each of the six laboratories comprising the Department. The laboratories cover the following areas: pyrometallurgy, separation of converter matte, ore beneficiation, hydrometallurgy of copper, nickel and cobalt; testing of fabric filters and membranes, technology of precious metals. A number of cases are described that demonstrate the contribution of the Department’s staff to problem resolution. The paper gives a brief reference to the Department’s interactions with research institutes for the development of industrial design procedures and during commissioning.

keywords Kola MMC, research department, support of operations, laboratory tests, optimization, development, revamping, new technology, upgrading, analysis

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