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ArticleName Effectiveness of implementation of the circumferential uneven PC distribution on the blast furnace air tuyeres
ArticleAuthor Yu. S. Semenov, V. V. Gorupakha, I. Yu. Semion, A. Yu. Orobtsev, E. I. Shumelchik

Iron and Steel Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Dnipro, Ukraine):

Yu. S. Semenov, Dr. Eng., Senior Researcher, e-mail:


ISD Scientific Technical Company (Dnipro, Ukraine):
V. V. Horupakha, Senior Researcher, e-mail:


Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Integrated Works (Kamianske, Ukraine):
I. Yu. Semion, Director on Quality
A. Yu. Orobtsev, Dr. Eng., Head of Technical Dept.


ATL-DP Private Enterprise (Dnipro, Ukraine):
E. I. Shumelchik, Dr. Eng., Senior Researcher, e-mail:


In the conditions of the PJSC Dneprovsky Iron and Steel Integrated Works blast furnace shop a set of measures has been developed and tested to ensure the rational distribution of pulverized coal (PС) on air tuyeres. Measurements of heat removal were performed, which made it possible to estimate the circumferential distribution of the theoretical combustion temperature and, to equalize it, to realize the directed unevenness of the PC consumption. As a result of measurements of the non-uniformity of the blast flow rate in the investigated blast furnace (BF), the determining infl uence of the configuration of the hot blast delivery path at the point of insertion into the ring pipeline was established, which leads to the formation of a constant zone with a reduced blast flow rate in individual air lances. The eff ectiveness of the pilot industrial introduction of directed unevenness of the PC consumption on the DP circumference to create a uniform circumferential distribution of the theoretical combustion temperature, which is expressed in savings of 4.7% of the conventional coke consumption in the experimental period, was shown. In order to effectively control the blast distribution on DP air tuyeres and the subsequent change in the PC distribution on the DP circumference to equalize or create a given non-uniformity of the theoretical combustion temperature, it is recommended to implement the appropriate automated control system. The system assumes the installation in each tuyere stock of a meter for measuring water fl ow that enters the cooled elements of flanges of the tuyere stock suspended (movable) elbow, thermocouples in the drain pipe section after cooling, as well as a subsystem for visualizing information on changes in heat removal rates, consumption rates, actual and recommended theoretical combustion temperatures and other indicators of the blast flow and combustion zones around the DP circumference.

keywords Blast furnace, pulverized coal, blast furnace indicators, blast consumption, air tuyere

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